The Economy & Financial Markets


I. Global 2.0: From Slow Burn to Budget Hot Potato

A. Controlled Demolitions Accelerate

Pension Funds , Entitlements and Failures

B. Currency Wars/War on Cash

C. Cryptocurrency

Education and Studies

Central Banks and Regulators Assert Control


D. The Debt Growth Model is Dying

Bonds and Interest Rates

Equity Public and Private

Environmental Myths and Car Sales

US Dollar

U.S. Budget Hot Potato

E. Financial Control

II. Global 3.0 Rising

A. Amazoned

B. Automation

C. 5G is Coming

D. Surveillance Capitalism

III. How Will Investors Handle the Transition?

IV. Inside the Pressure Cooker: Will We Expand or Shrink the Pie?

A. Return on Investment to Taxpayers: Will It Turn Positive Or More Negative?

B. Piratization: Could the Rape of Russia Happen Here?

C. Equity Creation: Greater than Controlled Demolitions?